“What a person can be, he/she must be…”
Self-actualization by Abraham Maslow.
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Who are you?

Name, Phone, Email, Linkedin and any Social Media you´re willing to share.
What do you want to do?

Describe your Desired Function and your most relevant Skills and Expertise.
Why do you want to do it?

Tell us your Likes, Dislikes and what would you like to learn or improve.
When can you do it?

What and how many hours do you have available and when could you start?
How much do you want to do it?

What is your Hourly Rate/Price and any Extra charges you may have or require.
Where you’ve been, what you’ve done…

In a few short sentences, sum up for us what and where you’ve worked or done that you think might be relevant for this position. Everything can be relevant. Even Dog-sitting. If they all survived and they were happy yapping puppies, that shows Responsibility and Great Customer Care.
If you could, you would…

Please, shortly share with us what are your dreams made of. You’ll never know… We may have a magic wand laying around, ready to make your career dreams come true upon a single wave of a wrist. Or we may not. One thing is for sure: we will try to make you happy and try to accommodate your wishes for fulfillment, learning and evolution.
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